Remove negative energy with Salt at home.

Salt is very effective for removing negative energy. Prepare bucket of water and mix with few teaspoon sea salt. Clean and  wipe the rooms and furniture with this solution.while doing this play nice music loudly. Leave all the doors and windows open even the doors of cupboards. 

Light an incense stick and move around the corners of the house. The family members can have bath with a pinch of salt mixed in their water to get ride of negative vibrations and boot your positive feelings.

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Jayan’s 37th death anniversary tomorrow 16th November 2017

Jayan’s 37th death anniversary tomorrow 16th November 2017

Jayan’s 37th death anniversary tomorrow 16th November 2017

It is very long 37 years first Malayalam super star departed from us. After each year goes by Jayan fans are increased and there are many fan club actively participating in various charity programs to remember the great Malayalam actor Jayan.
Jyan death 37th anniversary jayan crowd after the death news 
Jayan died at Sholavaram Chennai during the shooting of Malayalam film Kolilakkam on 16th November 1980. It was a fight scene and Jayan was in action chasing villain. While Jayan trying to hang a flying helicopter it lost the balance and fell down on the floor. Jayan was taken hospital immediately to the hospital with serious injury but died on the way.

Malayalam actress Parvathy gets best actress award in IFFI

Jayan’s popular movies are Angadi, Meen, Kolilakkam, Moorkhan, Chakara, Moorkhan and many more. Jayan started his acting career with Itha ivide vare and Sapamoksham but rose to super stardom with the movie Sarapanjaram. Jayan is the only actor still remembered as a super star after 37 years of his tragic end.

Jyan death 37th anniversary

Super Spot Dubbing of Mammootty Mohanlal by Vipin Haseeb


The human talents God has given is immense and should never be defined. These artists are two amazing gems have a lot of skills stunning talents. Blessed artists Vipin and Haseeb performing at comedy utsavam in flower TV. The spot dubbing of these two artists was an amazing show without any tongue slip. 

They have selected popular mass dialogues of Malayalam super stars Mammootty and Mohanlal. Comedy Utsavam is a popular show in flower TV anchoring by actor Midhun who works in Dubai as a radio jockey for hit 96.7 radio. Vipin and Haseeb voices are really matching with our super stars voices. 

Mammootty Next in Historical Movie Mamankam

Mammootty next in Mamankam

Mammootty Next in Historical Movie Mamankam

Mega Star Mammootty's next Big Budget movie will be based on historical Mamankam. During Mamankam many soldiers used to gather from all over the country and fight each other to show their power. Mammootty will join in the movie to do the historical role after long time. 

Watch Jimikki Kammal dance by a north Indian lady

Earlier Mammootty excels the roles of historical characters in the movie Pazhasi Raja and Oru Vadakkan veeragadha. Mammootty currently working for his latest movie titled as Uncles progressing in Wayanad, Kerala. Director Ajay Vasudev completed his movie Masterpiece with Mammootty in the lead role as a strict collage professor will be released for Christmas. Mammootty's upcoming movie will be a bilingual movie will be  released in Tamil language as well.
Mammootty in Tamil movie street lights

How to achieve your dreams with visualization - Tips

How to achieve your dreams with visualization - Tips
Visualization can make you successful in your life. If you want a house, you have to make a clear image in your visualization. Meditating before performing affirmation is of utmost importance. Actually do the visualization followed with meditation. Meditation helps to keep things joyous and Happier in life. Before start meditation.

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You should choose a calm and quiet place. Nothing should be there to distract your attention.  Within a few days you will be able to perform better meditation and prepared visualization. Calmly start visualization. Strongly believe that everything you see in the visualization is going to happen. Thanks to what happened in your life and love yourself and experience wonders in your life.

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Power of trees and Plants for luck and prosperity

Kanikonna will bring luck

  Great Power of  trees and Plants for luck and prosperity 

If man lives up to nature, all his problems will be solved by the universe. Men who have endless ability do not pay attention to our surroundings and focus only on each other's problems. This universe can be understood by the ultimate truth of all things that will make anyone happy. Even hundreds of trees around us have the potential to lead us in peace and harmony in our life.

Trees have an important role in bringing luck and prosperity.  If you grow certain tress around our house it can boost the positive vibrations and the boost the luck. Scientifically proved these fact are proved by many people and achieve success. Even in Chinese feng shui explains the how import is the trees and plants for prosperity and good fortune. Let us discuss about these trees and plants for luck and prosperity.
Thulasi for luck and prosperity 
Nelli maram best for positive vibrationGooseberry tree ( Nelli Maram)  is a lucky tree and you shout grow northern side of the house. You can plant Arecanut tree ( Kavungu) around the house to bring you plenty of positive energy. Banana tree is very good to grow all the side of the house. Is very easy grow also we get fresh bananas for our kitchen. Turmeric Plant, basil plant ( Thulasi) are excellent to grow in surroundings for the best result healthy environment.

Golden shower tree ( Kanikonna ) will give an excellent result if you grow them in north east direction of the house. Kanikonna is widely use for festive seasons especially for the calibration in Kerala Vishu. The look of the kanikonna will give you a lot of good feeling and energy. The bamboo tree and lemon tree are also very god to grow in pour house premises.

Do not allow any tress to grow above the house. If it is there you must cut them and remove. Entrance of the house should be free and do not block with any tress. There are too many indoor plants that bring you positive energy and prosperity. Money Plants and Luck bamboo are very popular for the purpose.

Kavungu tree for good fortune

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Must Watch Malayalam Comedy from Oppam

A hilarious comedy scene from the Malayalam movie Oppam. The Opppam movie was directed by Priyadarshan with Mohanlal in the lead role. Mamukoya and Mohanlal in this comedy scene really worked well. Oppam was an investigation thriller in which Mohanlal performed as a blind person. This film was a huge success and completed hundred days in the releasing centers.

This comedy is happening in the house occurred a murder during police interrogation. Mohanlal’s character Jayaraman was in the room after the murder and police thinks that he is the eye witness. But they don’t know actually Jayaraman is a blind person by birth. Rest of the story is how Jayaraman find the murderer.